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How to make Tigernut Cake

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I love tiger nuts and have been trying out some desserts and so here is one of them,  Tigernut Cake. Because Valentines day is round the corner I think this cake will make a nice dessert for that special day. If you are familiar with Kunu Aya  then making this cake should be easy. Again if you can find already made tiger nut milk to buy then you will not spend much time making this aphrodisiac dessert.   Did I just say that 🙂 Well so many people have sworn by it. I simply was only trying to make the lovers day interesting.

I don’t know about you but I have been wondering how to spend  my Valentines day and make it memorable. Go out ? naah too stressful. I suspect that waiters at restaurants dread days like this and I do not want to add to their misery. So I will make a few things a day before and do very little cooking on that day. After all, its a weekday so I will sure stay home for this celebration. Maybe it will be some roast lamb shank , some buttered mash and veggies. Of course dessert will have to be Tigernut Cake. Do let me know what you are planning to do on your lovers day.

I had used a 12 inch pie pan to make the cake but you can use some other smaller shallow cups that will make it easy for you to turn the cake out when it’s well set. When the tiger nut cream is set its a little bit wobbly and shaky so it requires a bit of careful handling. My pie pan is the type that has a separate base so I could lift the cake off the pan easily. This cake reminds me of cheese cake 🙂 So why not give this a try before the D-day.



Recipe for making Tigernut Cake?

2 cups Tiger nut Milk

I packet digestive Biscuit

4 tablespoons melted butter

1 table spoon dry coconut shavings




To make the tiger nut milk please see my earlier post on making kunu aya  .

Crush the biscuit in a food processor or crush in a zip lock bag till very smooth. You then melt the butter and mix in the biscuit. The reason for this is to help hold the biscuit together when its cold. Pour the biscuit into the pan and press down with your hands , a bowl or a glass. You want to form a solid base on which you will pour the tiger nut cream. Allow to set in the fridge for about 45 minutes till it is cold and holds together.

Pour the tiger nut milk in a pan and bring to boil. You stir continuously until the milk thickens, almost close to ogi consistency. It takes about 2-3 minutes to thicken as soon as  the milk is boiling.

Pour the cream onto the biscuit base, spread evenly and refrigerate again. Decorate with coconut scrapings and straw berry.



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