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How to make Semolina Pancake?

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I simply love my recent discovery with semovita.  Semolina Pancake is now one of my go to breakfast items because it is easy and quick to make.  Looking through my pantry I stumbled on a pack of semovita that has been lying there for some time now. For some reason I have slowed down on meals with ‘swallows’ which is why my semovita was still there. So I proceeded to try something interesting with it  and that is how I standardised the recipe for semovita Pancake. By the way it took some trial and errors in terms of quantities. The ease of mixing this recipe is unbelievable. You can find other interesting Nigerian breakfast recipe like waina or moin moin on the blog.

One thing I can say is that going forward, I will hardly make my pancakes with plain flour it has to be Semolina Pancake. Just to make this recipe extra special I served with stir fry chicken breast made with suya spices, sliced scotch bonnet pepper and spring onion . I find butter a good choice in this recipe but you may wish to use margarine. I will like to receive your feed back on this recipe.

Recipe for Semolina Pancake


1 cup Semovita

11/2 cups Milk

1/4 cup Sugar or Honey

1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder

1 Egg

1/4 cup melted Butter

Pinch Cinnamon


Measure semovita into a bowl, add the baking powder and cinnamon and mix well

Dissolve the butter in a pan over heat and allow to cool a bit.

Beat the egg, pour into the melted butter

Add the sugar and milk into the butter and egg and mix well

Next pour liquid ingredients into  the dry ingredients and  with a fork until all the semovita dissolves

Oil the frying pan with a little butter at a time and  scoop the pancake batter into the pan, fry till brown on both sides

Serve pancake with stir fry chicken breast or any other protein of choice. Semovita Pancake

Semovita Pancake
Semovita Pancake
Semovita Pancake
Semovita Pancake

Semolina Pancake

Semovita Pancake
Semovita Pancake

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