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5 Winning Nigerian Puff Puff Recipes

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If there is one rule to having a party or event in Nigeria is that Puff Puff must be present on item 7 of the agenda.. which is menu menu menu. No matter how fancy your small chops platter is, Puff Puff has to be present to fill up the space between the spring rolls and stick meats,  etc . The problem with having it as a filler snack is that sometimes we don’t pay attention to the taste. Try these variety of recipes below and learn how to make Puff Puff the hero on your small chops platter.

Puff Puff


  1. Nigerian Coconut Puff Puff

Your classic snack gets an upgrade by adding a slight twist. The crunchiness of the toasted coconut shreds is  an absolute delight. Also, if you want to find out how to make those perfectly round balls I have included a quick tip for you
  1. Puff Puff with Minced Meat

Swap out some of that dough for some minced meat filling with this version. You get a perfect balance of sweet and savoury that will be just as popular with adults and kids alike.
  1. Puff Puff Sausage Sticks

Another sweet and savoury combination is achieved this time with sweet dough surrounding a bit of savoury sausage. The stick also adds a fun element to the normal look of puff puff and you can have some fun decorating the tray as i did here.
  1. Pizpuff

Pizpuff takes your regular puff puff and forms a base that you can then fill up with various meats, peppers and veggies giving you a whole meal. Here I’ve used some chicken and peppers and trust me when I say the results are extremely delectable
  1. Classic Nigerian Puff Puff

When you master the classic puff puff recipe, you realise that sometimes that’s all you need. A simple delicious puff puff platter may not need dressing up.

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