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Toasted Oat Porridge

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Breaking the fast the way I like it with Toasted Oat.

I am usually not complicated when it comes to breakfast. Keeping it  it simple most of the time is the rule even when good nutrition reasoning tells me to eat like a king at this time of the day. I wish I could do this on a week day but thought of Lagos traffic quickly wipes that thought of such luxury away.

Nevertheless, I try to make each bowl in front of me as nutritionally complete and enjoyable as time will permit on a working week day.

I must confess that I do not like oats the way it is generally cooked , straight from the pack and boiled, it so “bleah”, even for the sake of nutrition it has not always topped my list of breakfast item. I simply like to chew or drink. Anything in-between seems to confuse my brain and taste buds.

So I have found my way of making the oat experience more interesting and chewy 🙂

First I dry-roast the oat and consume straight, no more boiling in water. I kind of like the toasted flavor and above all the chewiness of the oats.

If you like your oats boiled no wahala (means “no problem”) simply step up the nutri-level with some fruits and nuts and some interesting sprinkling of cinnamon flavour and you are good to go for the day.



Recipe for Toasted Oat Porridge



Almond milk or any dairy milk

Sultana, Dry dates or any dry fruit

Strawberry, blue berry, banana or cranberry

Groundnuts, toasted coconut or almonds

Toasted Oat


  1. Heat up the frying pan or pot
  2. Pour the oats into the pan and continue stirring until it starts to brown slightly. You will actually smell the toasted cereal
  3. Take off the heat and allow to cool and it will be crunchy. You may want to make quantity for about 2-3 meals per time.
  4. Serve up desired quantity in a bowl, add your fruits and nuts. Enjoy!

 Toasted Oat

Toasted Oat

Tip: If you prefer your cereal warm, then you may want to warm up the milk before use.

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