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Prawn in Coconut Cream (Valentine’s Day Special)

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Prawn in Coconut Cream is what I propose as main dish for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration. A three or at least two-course meal will make this special dinner even more interesting, so why not go for it. On a day like this I will not want to sleep in the kitchen so I have fully considered this in choosing Potato Corn and Chicken Soup as a first course, Prawn in Coconut cream as the main course and Tigernut and coconut pudding or Vanilla ice cream with red velvet cake for dessert. For the last course you can prepare a day ahead and keep in the fridge so you are only actually cooking the first two courses, which are not a big deal at all.

Something about this special evening dinner is that you will have a clean comfortable breath when you are snuggling up to your better half or date. Nothing is as uncomfortable as when your partner belches even silently and the smell of garlic fills the atmosphere. You then politely disengage from the snuggle and pretend that you want to grab the remote of the TV just to escape from being choked with garlic smell. The prawn in coconut cream was specially chosen to make dining pleasurable and give you comfortable satiety.

But really I don’t know which is more interesting driving to have dinner outside and driving back or cook at home dress up and enjoy each other’s company and have real we-time as a couple? Well I guess it depends on where your relationship is at. I personally feel more comfortable eating at home, just so if the wine or champagne starts to take effect I can just slouch on the couch and feel good.

For my 3-course menu, I am proposing you cook the first two on the D-day and prepare the dessert a day before. Check the next post for the dessert.

So think of what you will be wearing, get those special crockery out and plan to spend a romantic evening with your Bae.


How to make Prawn in Coconut Cream with Tatashe (Main dish)

6-8 pieces Medium size fresh dressed Prawns

¾ cup of coconut cream

1/2 chopped Onion

1 Tatashe, deseeded and chopped in strips

1 tablespoon green Peas

2 tablespoon Coconut oil

Crayfish seasoning

Salt to taste



  1. Season prawn with dry pepper, and salt
  2. Heat oil, fry the onion and prawn for about 2 minutes. Remove the prawn and set aside
  3. Add the coconut milk to the frying pan and bring to boil.
  4. Add the peas and Tatashe strips and cook for a minute. Return the prawn to the pot , correct the seasoning and cook for another 3 minutes .
  5. Serve with boiled rice and dodo

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