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Peppered Plantain and Yam Sticks

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Who says you cant have the best of two worlds of ripe Plantain and Yam in stick form. My inspiration from this dish comes from Onunu a popular dish in the Bayelsa area of Nigeria. The other interest for me is that fact that I cut back on the amount of oil for frying plantain or yam. The crunch on the outside and savory inside is the catch in this simple dish.

Every time I create something new in the kitchen and have people try in their own kitchen its motivating for me. Well is that not what food bloggers are meant to do? Create? Oh well…… Any way I pair my Plantain and Yam sticks with Buttered Uziza Fish on a bed of tomato sauce . Just looking around our neighbourhood markets and stores we can bring simple ingredients  to life on the table.

Something interesting which I tried out with this recipe is making my pipping nuzzle . As you will see I used the neck of bottled water and a zip lock bag to create my eye appealing cylinders. How did I achieve this? I placed the edge of a knife in the fire and cut vees on the edge of the bottle and my nozzle was done.

Recipe for Plantain and Yam Sticks

1/2 firm ripe Plantain

1 slice Yam

1-2 pieces red Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Pinch dry Ginger

Oil for frying


Method for making Plantain and Yam Sticks

First, peel and wash and boil plantain and yam till soft.

Place in a food processor , salt and ginger and blend to form a dough

Add pepper when the dough is almost firm and blend coarsely

Mold the dough by hand into sticks or use a pipping bag and big cake decorating nuzzle to pipe the dough into cylindrical shapes. I used my own home made nuzzle.

Heat oil till very hot

Fry sticks in hot oil till golden brown. What I get is a crunchy crust and soft savory inside

Serve with buttered Uziza fish on tomato sauce.

Plantain and Yam dough

Home made pipping bag

Pipped Plantain and Yam dough

Freshly fried Plantain and Yam Sticks

Peppered Plantain and Yam sticks

Plantain and Yam Sticks

Plantain and Yam Sticks



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