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How to make Peppered Smoked Fish

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Peppered Smoked Fish is called Ukang Eyak in Oron, Akwa Ibom State where I come from. Fresh Fish , smoked fish and different types of sea food features regularly on the menu. During my visit to the village a cousin decided he was going to take em out to experience a palm wine bar. Boy, it was quite some experience. Between me trying to squash flies from falling into my drink and holding myself from giggling loud at the discussion by a group of men in the bar, I almost choked at the whole vibes.

Anyways I walked away knowing that I was going to make the Peppered Smoked Fish at home. Whilst the palm wine bar served this dish on its own, I decided to add fried yam cubes with mine. So on Friday nights when you feel like some drinking bar experience why not make this simple dish to enjoy at home. If you have some guys around they will love you for it. Enjoy this offering.


Recipe for Peppered Smoked Fish

Smoked Fish

Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Small size Onion

Ehuru /African Nut Meg/ Iwun ( use 2 pieces of ground seed per 3 pieces of Fish

Ground Cray Fish

Seasoning Cube

Dry Pepper

Salt to taste

Ntong/Effirin/Nchawun/Scent Leaf



Clean the fish scrubbing with salt . Carefully remove the gills and inside without breaking the fish. Its nicer served whole

Place fish in a pot add a little water, seasoning ,dry pepper, ehuru and ntong and steam on low heat. The idea is to get seasoning and spices to permeate the fish well and soft.

Blend or pound pepper and onion coarsely . Heat the oil and fry the pepper. Pour the little left over stock from cooking the fish into the sauce, You may need to add a little water to the pepper to help soften it. Add crayfish and correct the seasoning. Place the fish gently in the sauce to absorb the pepper sauce flavor and continue to fry on gentle heat.

When water starts to dry up in the sauce, gently lift out the fish.  Continue to fry the sauce  till dry and add the shredded scent leaf.

Taste sauce to correct seasoning.

Serve Fish with sauce and some fried yam cubes or roasted plantain

Peppered Smoked Fish

Peppered Smoked Fish

Peppered Smoked Fish

Peppered Smoked Fish





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