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How to make Nigerian Salad

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Nigerian Salad

Nigerian Salad 298

We are going down memory lane with Nigerian Salad and how it was done back in the days. To be honest I quite like this version of vegetable salad from time to time. There is something about it that reminds me of a Nigeria when things were stable. It was that time when eating rice and chicken on a Sunday was a big deal. Electricity was stable and security issues was not part of our conversation. We went to birthday parties and the children ate rice from one tray and drank Mirinda.  Times may have changed but my love for Nigerian Salad my mum used to make has not.

Surely we all love salads. We sometimes think though that eating salad helps to keep our weight down. Sure it does if only you don’t load on fatty dressings. Today’s offering of Nigerian Salad is actually a meal on its own. Depending on how much ingredients you add it takes it from a simple salad to a ‘saaalaaad’ as Nigerians will like to call it.We have Greek salad so why not Nigerian Salad.

Recipe for making Nigerian Salad

1/2 handle Lettuce

2 boiled Eggs

1 can Sardine

1/2 cup Baked Beans

1 cup cubed boiled Potatoes

2 pieces fresh Tomatoes (sliced in rings)

1/2 medium Onion

1 cup cubed or sliced Cucumber

1/2 cup Carrots (sliced)

4 table spoons Salad cream

Nigerian Salad 297

Method for making Nigerian Salad

1. Wash all vegetables and pat dry with kitchen paper

2. To prevent water retention in the salad remove the pit of the tomato and the seeds. Onion smell was reduced by placing in hot water then cooled in cold water.What you can do is to simply reduce the quantity of onion as we have done in this recipe

3. Slice all the vegetables and eggs.

4. Mix all the sliced vegetables , add the baked beans and sardine

5. Add the salad cream and gently mix the salad with light lifting of the vegetables. Place the eggs on top

6. Keep salad in the fridge and serve chilled.

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