stained bowl

Kitchen Tips

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Do you have palm oil stained bowls like this? All you need do is keep them out in the sun for 2/3hrs and they change back to clean white color you originally had.
stained bowl

Preventing Sticky Frying pan:
Freshly washed frying pans tend to cause foods to stick when frying.
To prevent this heat pan till very hot before adding oil. This way your food will not stick.

preventing sticky frying pan

Time Saver Tip:
Planning to cook beans during the week? Get the children busy with picking out dirt ,days ahead.
Children will likely eat the final dish when they are part of the cooking process.
children picking beans

Tip for Fresh House fragrance:
Put Lemon grass in a pot and just bring to boil. The whole house is soon filled with fresh lemony fragrance.
lemon grass for house fragrance

Tip on Preventing Tomato Spillage:
When boiling your tomato /pepper mixture, add a little vegetable oil and it will not boil over and mess up your cooker.
preventing tomato spillage

Shopping Tip:
Making a shopping list before heading to the market or shop keeps you under control of your budget and needed ingredients for cooking.
shopping list tip

Capsaicin is what makes pepper hot.
RUB OIL generously on your hands and the effect of the heat is much less when handling pepper.
prevent burning heat of peppers

Easy way to boil Plantain
Without peeling, wash , cut and boil plantain . Just peel skin and serve.This method helps to retain all the flavor and nutrients in your plantain.
boiling plantain

Frying tip
You can minimize oil in your foods. Make it a habit to place fried foods on kitchen paper towel to take out some oil before serving.
tips for draining excess oil

You have excess washed bitter leaves? Spread this on a tray and leave in an air conditioned room. It dries very well without smelling stale. You can then use your bitter leaves dry
preserving bitter leaves

Get Rid of Onion smell on Hands
Over the Christmas holiday,I tried this method and it works! Wash hands with soap and rub front and back inside a clean sink. Smell disappears!
get rid of onion smells

Do you throw away left over pounded yam or eba? You can enjoy your left over. Simply wrap the pounded yam in a cellophane or zip lock bag. Place in a Pyrex dish and warm in microwave oven. Enjoy
left over pounded yam

Do you want to keep weevils out of your beans? Buy wholesome beans, pour into a plastic jerry can, cover tightly and store in the freezer. Weevils cannot survive in the cold and the container prevents your beans getting wet
storing beans

Do you want to de-scale your old aluminium kettles or pots. Drop handful of dried zobo flower into the pot or kettle full of water.Heat up for a few minute and allow to stand overnight.Rinse off in the morning and you have a clean pot free of scale deposits
cleaning aluminium kettles and pot


How to make Banga Juice 

Boil the palm kernels, pound, add warm water, squeeze out the juice and strain.

how to make banga juice


How to make Coconut Oil

how to make coconut oil from scratch


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