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How to make Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce

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Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce

Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce (5)

It’s going to be a typical Nigerian dish today and that is Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce with boiled half ripe plantain. Growing up, this used to be one of my mum’s favourites. The two most interesting carbohydrates to pair with Garden Egg Sauce is either half ripe plantain or old yam. The other day whilst visiting my sister I saw her eating Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce with rice. Well like they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

The fibre this sauce brings to the diet is just amazing. If you favour a more bitter taste, then you can go for the green garden eggs. If not, then you should stay with the white variety. By the way you can swap the garden egg for aubergine. Ingredients for this sauce are quite basic but trust me the result is amazing.

Recipe for making Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce

10 pieces of white Garden Eggs

6 pieces Tatashe (big red peppers)

1/2 Onion (chopped)

Scotch Bonnet Pepper to taste

Handful Smoked Prawns

1/2 cup smoked Fish

Seasoning to taste

1/2 cup Vegetable Oil

Curry Leaves(patmenger)

Salt to taste

Method for making Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce

1. Wash and cut the garden eggs into small pieces ,wrap in foil and steam in water till very soft. Mash and set aside. If you had chopped the garden eggs into small cubes you may not need to mash as the garden egg will.

2. Blend the peppers into very coarse texture. I tend to pound the peppers when I want that type of texture, particularly if the quantity of pepper is small

3. Heat the oil, fry the onion then the pounded pepper

4. Add the rinsed prawns, fish and seasoning.

5. You may have to add about 1/4 cup or less of water to help cook the fish particularly if the fish is hard. You may use less water if the fish is soft

6. Fry the sauce till dry, taste and correct the seasoning

7. Add the garden egg and some curry leaves stir well and cook for about 5 minutes

8. Serve with boiled plantain or yam.

Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce (2) Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce (1) Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce (4) Nigerian Garden Egg Sauce (3)

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  • Thanks so much I will this now cos I have garden egg and this is the season here in the northern part of Nigeria.

  • Growing up in the north, garden eggs were always stable in my home and my mum made this sauce a lot but for some reasons I can’t fathom I couldn’t remember how she made it. I was quite young then though so I tried to make this sauce with aubergines, it was a disaster! I am quite excited to see this on your blog. I will follow your recipe here and let you know how it turns out.

  • Many thanks for sharing .I am definitely going to try this this week .

    I am curious though .growing up I remember my step mum used to take off the skin of the garden eggs (the white ones ) and the reason was that it is bitter .
    In your recipe ,you didn’t make mention of taking the skin off .. Is it actually bitter ?

  • I’m always impressed by your recipes. You have helped me improve my diet. I just love your blog, you know how to present the recipes so well. Thank you for making cooking more interesting for many women, me especially

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