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How to make Doughnut

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I am feeling nostalgic as I step into the kitchen to make some Doughnut.Because, I remember the excitment on those rare Sunday afternoons that dad will take the children for a car ride. It was always mirinda and Doughnut or meat pie for the kids and beer and meats for dad and mum.  So this simple pastry has creeped into the Nigerian food list. You might have seen the Doughnuts with holes, or the round bulky ones. Whatever the shape and size we love this pastry. Finding the fancy ones made with extra icing , colors and cinnamon makes it the more interesting.

So here is making my simple Doughnut.  This is my snack option  to the office or school for the kids. But, hang on am I the only person still having this spelling? I see donuts in some places. Anyway it is the same thing.


Recipe for Doughnut

11/2 cups Flour ( take out 1/4 cup for use in rolling and kneading)

11/2 tablespoons Butter

3 teaspoons Sugar

1 teaspoonful Yeast

5 tablespoon Water

7 tablespoons liquid Milk

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1 Egg

Oil for frying

Sugar/Cinnamon powder ( for coating)


  1. Measure out the flour, sugar,yeast and salt into a bowl
  2. Beat the egg
  3. Add the water, egg and milk and mix  into the dry ingredients. You may want to use your hands to do this.
  4. Next , cut your soft butter into small bits and knead into the soft dough . The dough is sticky at this point.
  5. Take out the dough from bowl onto a floured board at this stage and knead as you will do for bread for about 5 minutes
  6. Now fold the dough into a ball and place in the mixing bowl, cover top of bowl with cling film or kitchen cloth. Keep in a warm place and allow to proof ( to rise) for about 30 minutes
  7. When dough has risen, take out onto the floured board. Then using  your fore finger press holes in the dough to deflate it. You will then   knead again for about 2 minutes
  8. Return dough into the bowl and proof again for another 30 minutes
  9. Take out dough, roll into about 1 cm thick and cut out your doughnuts with a cutter. If you do not have a doughnut cutter, use a tumbler  to cut out the dough and a very small glass to cut out the center of the circle if you want the ring shape. You can do without the ring shape and leave doughnut whole
  10. Heat the oil and fry your doughnut as you will do for Puff Puff until golden brown
  11. Place on kitchen paper to absorb oil.
  12. Lastly place in a bag containg sugar and cinnamon and shake to coat the surface. Serve warm









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