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Creamy Vegetable Sauce

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Creamy Vegetable Sauce 4

Creamy vegetable is my way of having a bowl of nutritious goodness in another interesting recipe. Sometimes when I stir-fry leafy vegetables, I find a lot more than wanted vegetable water in the dish. Even when I squeeze out the juice from the shredded vegetable, a thing that nutrition does not encourage me to do, I still find liquid in the cooked sauce. Adding some blended cashew nut to my vegetable sauce helps retain all the nutritional benefit of the vegetable juice as well as increase the nutritional benefit of the sauce.

When I was done with my Creamy Vegetable sauce, I was tempted to accompany it with some swallow 🙂 Hmmm…the no-palm oil situation is not my idea of a Nigerian soup. So I decided to try out cashew nut with Bitterleaf and it was simply amazing.

I blind folded my brother who came visiting and asked him to taste and guess which soup he was tasting and he quickly said Egusi soup without thinking.

So here goes, if you have one of those Egusi that refuse to thicken when you cook it, the type that forms river Niger and you have the ingredients swimming in water then Cashew nut can come to your rescue. For me I can easily interchange Egusi for Cashew nut in soups.

For now enjoy today’s offering Creamy Vegetable sauce.


Recipe for Creamy Vegetable Sauce

2 handfuls Spinach or Efo Tete , chopped

About 15-20 leaves Partmenjar or curry leaves

1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons ground roasted Cashew nut

1/4 medium size Onion, chopped

1 big Tomato chopped

Chopped Scotch Bonnet pepper to taste

Handful fresh Prawns

2 tablespoons vegetable Oil

Crayfish or beef seasoning to taste

Salt to taste

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  1. Blend cashew nuts to smooth paste or powder.
  2. Heat the oil and fry onion, tomato and pepper till cooked.
  3. When the above is almost soft, add Partmenjar, seasoning and salt to taste.
  4. Dissolve the cashew paste in a little warm water and add to the tomato sauce and stir and boil for a minute.
  5. Add the vegetable, some more partmenjar and stir to mix the cashew sauce well into the vegetable, cook for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Serve with dodo, moin moin or simply eat the creamy sauce as is.

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Creamy Vegetable Sauce 2


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Creamy Vegetable Sauce 3


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