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Banga Spiced Noodles with Oxtail

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Banga spices are so aromatic that when cooking Banga soup your neighbours are bound to want to stop by to ‘say hello’.  Last week when I cooked Obe Eyen Ikpogiri I suddenly was receiving my neighbour who hardly stops by. My husband was also hovering around a bit more than he normally will in the kitchen. Of course I knew what was attracting them to my kitchen but pretended I did not know. It was of course the nice aroma of the Banga spices. Today I am sharing Banga spiced Noodles with Oxtail.

I don’t eat much noodles but when I do I want to enjoy it to the last drop. Banga spiced Noodles with oxtail is that noodle dish that gets me each time I cook it. Oxtail is that part of the cow that is packed with delicious beef flavour. When you combine oxtail and Banga spices, you can imagine the flavourful outcome of this dish.

The bit of this dish that takes time is the cooking time of the cow tail. Well this is what pressure cookers are meant for. I got my cow tail meat soft quickly with my pressure cooker. Using pressure cooker requires that you read the instruction for use carefully. I know that many people have stayed away from using pressure cookers because of previous bad experiences.

How to make Banga Spiced Noodles with Oxtail? (serves 4 people)

12 – 16 pieces small to medium size Cow tail

1 teaspoon Ataiko

1/2 teaspoon Erejeje

1 tablespoon Beletete

Dry pepper to taste

Beef seasoning  to taste

Salt to taste

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1. Grind the Ataiko and Erereje into a smooth powder.

2. Season the cow tail with the spices, dry pepper, beef seasoning and salt. Add enough water to cover the meat and cook in a pressure cooker for about 30-45 minutes depending on the instruction for the brand of cooker you are using. Otherwise boil the meat for about 11/2 hrs until soft

3. When meat is ready, add some more water, the remaining spices, beletete and correct the seasoning and cook for about 5 minutes

4. Add the noddles in the soup and cook till soft. Add a few leaves of green vegetables or carrot and cook for 2 minutes.

5. Enjoy your Banga spiced Noodles with Oxtail.

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