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1Q Food Platter Blog

Iquo Ukoh, the Founder of the 1Q Food Platter Blog is just a woman who loves cooking and entertaining and cares about what she eats. I trained as a dietitian from the University of Nigeria and worked briefly as a dietetic intern at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Nigeria.

I have worked with one of the world’s biggest food multinational company for about 30 years, and for more than half of this time, developing recipes for Nigerian women. I understand the women and her family, her kitchen and the food health challenges she and her family could face.

Inspiration for the 1Q Food Platter Blog

My inspiration for this 1Q Food Platter blog is to share food experiences and other tidbits around food and health that will help you create variety and excitement and maintain sensible healthy lifestyle.

You will find a collection of hearty mouthwatering recipes and foods with a healthy twist that will not compromise on the taste and flavor. You will be inspired to try them. Recipes have been standardized and created by Iquo. Friends and family have contributed to my dishes repertoire. My travels particularly along the West African coast bring with it interesting diversity in this Tropical, Savannah regions.I will also bring to you interesting healthy varieties from other parts of the globe.

The use and preference for natural whole foods and ingredients is a feature of this 1Q Food Platter blog. You will find interesting picks for different occasions and times in your life. I bring to you simple and sometimes complex texture and colors of foods photographed and videoed to tempt your imagination to the limit   whilst not compromising on the healthy twist.

Why the blog name? My friends call me IQ, Short for Iquo. I did not want the blog to come across as academic a la intelligence quotient so I settled for 1Q (one Q). Oh you could not even tell the difference?

Food platter for me conveys variety, treats, and choices. That’s what you will get from this blog; Food, living and much more in a lighthearted, breezy way.

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